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Work we have done

Work we have done

Not only do I help SMB’s with their site organization and marketing, but I am honored to say that I am ushering in the new generation of digital marketers.  As an adjunct professor of digital marketing, I have the opportunity to teach an upper level course in digital marketing.  My students are creative, motivated and truly eager to hit the ground running as they graduate and start their careers.

Marketing Campaigns:

Barnes & Noble:

Samskara executed a large summer reading campaign including an attribution study to prove results for in store sales.  The attribution study showed a 21.75% INCREASE in store traffic and 5x increase in sales as direct result of the advertising that was placed by Samskara Digital.

Muniweb (Software Developer):

We were tasked with creating and executing a B2B digital display marketing campaign which branded and generated awareness for the company in a very specific geographic location.  We designed the ads and placed a media buy that resulted in the developer garnering the business.








Website Design and Marketing Work:


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