Why ‘Samskara’

Sanskrit_SamskaraWhy call my business Samskara Digital when I could easily have gone with Saifee Digital or something more mundane.  I wanted a story to tell…a narrative about why I am doing this and what it means to me.


When I was thinking about my business and what my value proposition would be for other businesses, I thought about my strengths and the self discovery process I went through with the Gallup Strengths Finder.  After over 300 questions about management style, response techniques, and ethics, it delivered the following 5 strengths::

Activator – like to get things done

Responsibility – accountable to achieving goals

Futuristic – visionary

Communication – find it easy to put thoughts into words

Positivity – enthusiastic

So where do I go from here….What differentiates me from others…I went back to my roots in indian culture and tradition.  Reaching into my heritage for a sanskrit word that means all of those is a tall order so I landed on the one that I felt was the most important for MY business and YOURS….Activator – loosely translated –


Activate my help…activate your business.

Even the highly regarded Deepak Chopra had this to say about the word ‘Samskara’:


A samskara is a groove in the mind that makes thoughts flow in the same direction. Buddhist psychology makes sophisticated use of the concept by speaking of samskaras as imprints in the mind that have a life of their own.

Putting the various definitions in context with my own narrative – someone with expertise in media, impressions, audience reactions/imprints – it made perfect sense for me to go with Samskara Digital.

It’s MY narrative.