Digital Marketing

Digital marketing, online advertising, SEO, SEM, PPC, CPC,….OMG….UGH

So much to know and understand and execute!  This is where Samskara Digital can help.  You can focus on your business while I help you build it through the use of those acronyms and more.

At Samskara Digital, we are strong believers in a healthy mix but on a sensible budget.  We know how to run ‘bootstrap’ organizations and we can help you attract and close more business to yours. Some of the things we can help you with:

Database Marketing/Email Marketing – been collecting email addresses but don’t know what to do with them and don’t want to end up in spam?  Let’s identify your best customers or prospects and send them the right email at the right time!

Audience Segmentation/Behavioral Triggers – what happens when your customer is on your site and they don’t pull the trigger to buy your product?  Let’s make sure your site is offering the right services/products to the right people.

Search Engine Optimization – not getting people to your site?

Social Media Marketing – are you on FB? Twitter? Pinterest? Snapchat? SHOULD YOU BE?

Digital Ads  – are you running display advertising on websites?  Do your banners work?  Are you converting these prospects into customers?

Mobile Marketing – Most people are searching on their phones for products and services – is your site OS agnostic and mobile responsive?

Cross-Channel Marketing – do you have the right media mix?

Marketing Calendar – are you in a seasonal business?  We can help build your business year ’round