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What time do you send email to your client list?

Did you know that you there IS a best time to send an email and have it be read (or atleast opened)?

Yes, you can schedule your emails to be sent to EACH of your clients based on their historical common open rate. That is a huge plus if you regularly send emails and just ‘hope they get opened’!

What about what device do most emails get opened? Mobile devices currently rank the highest.

There are great times to send a marketing email for your particular industry too. For example, the obvious one is for restaurants – it makes sense to send an email when planning for lunch or dinner is going one (between 11a-12p for lunch and 4-6p for dinner) but what about other industries?
Here is a great article on typical open and engagement rates:

The State of Email Engagement: When, Where, and How People Engage with Email

Don’t want to read the whole report – call us we know when and how to do it!